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  1. The possession of the facility will be given at the time mentioned in the booking.
  2. Start and end your event as per scheduled time. Additional hours will be charged extra.
  3. Every event must be duly registered as per the rules laid down by law.
  4. Maintain the event space hygienic. 
  5. Do not remove any property that belongs to Provyz from the premises. including cables, mikes, remote, etc.
  6. Do not pin or paste anything on the wall or any other surfaces. 
  7. You may bring promotional standees or such standalone display units during the event.
    (Note: Place the standees inside the event space not outside the space)
  8. Do not bring your music / sound systems. Only bring if incase ours is not working
  9. All your belongings and valuables are completely your responsibility. Management is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from theft or misplacement.
  10. Do wear a mask, use hand sanitizer and maintain social distancing.
  11. Smoking, consumption of tobacco or alcohol is strictly prohibited. 
  12. Do not rearrange the furniture without permission.
  13. Please handover the premise to us once the event is over. Any damage or loss to the property will be billed additionally.  
  14. Tea/coffee is free.
  15. Food is not allowed inside the Seminar Hall, Conference Room, Lounge or Meeting Rooms.
  16. We may arrange Breakfast, High-tea or Lunch based on your requirements. Liquid food not allowed.
  17. Reach out to us for any additional requirements.